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Author : Gupta, R.C.
Saxena, S.P.
Arora, Kanta

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ISBN : 9788122419221
Publication Year : 2017
Edition : Latest
Price : Rs.495.00
Pages : 752
Binding : Paperback

About the Book:

Salient Features (Based on CCE Scheme of CBSE)

  • Basic Concepts with their Descriptions

  • Topicwise Questions with Answers

  • NCERT Textbook Exercises/Intext Questions and Activities with Answers

  • Fill in the Blanks and Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

  • MCQs Based on Practical Experiments with Answers

  • Value Based Questions Chapterwise with Answers

  • Golden Sample Papers-Term & I & II (Strictly Based on New Course Structure) 



Latest Syllabus (Issued by CBSE) 

Term I

  • Matter in Our Surroundings

  • Is Matter Around Us Pure

  • The Fundamental Unit of Life

  • Tissues

  • Motion

  • Force and Laws of Motion

  • Gravitation

  • Improvement in Food Resources

MCQs based on Practical Experiments
Value Based Questions

Sample Papers

  • Golden Practice Paper 1 (Term I)

  • Golden Practice Paper 2 (Term I)

  • Golden Sample Papers 3 (Term I)

Term II

  • Atoms and Molecules

  • Structure of the Atom

  • Diversity in Living Organisms

  • Floatation

  • Work and Energy

  • Sound

  • Why Do We Fall Ill

  • Natural Resources

MCQs based on Experiments

Value Based Questions

Sample Papers

  • Golden Sample Paper I (Term II)

  • Golden Sample Paper 2 (Term II)

  • Golden Sample Paper 3 (Term II)