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Author : Chaturvedi, Pragya
Gupta, S

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ISBN : 9788122419313
Publication Year : 2019
Edition : 1st
Price : Rs.265.00
Pages : 386
Binding : Paperback

About the Book:

Salient Features (Based on CCE Scheme of CBSE)

  • Textbook Keywords

  • NCERT Textbook Exercises and NCERT Intext Questions (Solved)

  • Other Important Questions with Answers

  • Very Short, Short & Long Answer Type Questions

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Golden Sample Papers


Part A-History (Our Pasts-I)

  • What, Where, How and When?

  • On the Trail of the Earliest People

  • From Gathering to Growing Food

  • In the Earliest Cities

  • What Books and Burials Tell Us

  • Kingdoms, Kings and an Early Republic

  • New Questions and Ideas

  • Ashoka, the Emperor Who Gave Up War

  • Vital Villages, Thriving Towns

  • Traders, Kings and Pilgrims

  • New Empires and Kingdoms

  • Buildings, Paintings and Books

Part B-Geography (The Earth: Our Habitat)

  • The Earth in the Solar System

  • Globe: Latitudes and Longitudes

  • Motions of the Earth

  • Maps

  • Major Domains of the Earth

  • Major Landforms of the Earth

  • Our Country-India

  • India: Climate, Vegetation and Wildlife

Part C-Civics (Social and Political Life-I)

  • Understanding Diversity

  • Diversity and Discrimination

  • what is Government?

  • Key Elements of a Democratic Government

  • Panchayati Raj

  • Rural Administration

  • Urban Administration

  • Rural Livelihoods

  • Urban Livelihoods
  • Golden Sample Papers 1–3